The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, September 4, 2009

To rule the world

Or why devise a new plan when the world’s geniuses have already devised the prefect master plan?

Is it by coincidence or is it by design that Obama has and is implementing the same exact tactics that Hitler used to over throw Germany? And if he does not plan to overthrow the US government and the constitution, then why is he following the exact footsteps of the world’s worst despots?

Perhaps even a bigger and far more reaching question is why haven’t any of the mainstream media picked up on this perfect parallel and reported on it or at least asked the man in the white house about it. Surely someone at the oval office must have noticed this parallel by now. Of course if it is just a coincident it may prove somewhat embarrassing to both the reporter and the White House and if it is not a coincident, then we have our answer and of course many more questions and an even greater reason for embarrassment for the folks in the White House.

After pondering why the mainstream media has turned such a callus blind eye to the shenanigans in politics and the tyranny of government, we can only conclude that the mainstream media is owned lock, stock and barrel by the same folks that have been imposing on the US citizen a two party equals a one party system and these folks are also the same folks that are destroying our economy, our freedom, our way of life, our constitution and everything that the US has stood for so many proud years.

It is also becoming clear that after so many years of chipping away the foundation of our beloved country, these same scoundrels have emplaced an unprecedented number of legal instruments in our system in order to enact the final take over of our government or coup.

Fixing our health care should be only a matter of deregulating the over regulated health care system and certainly does not require 1,100 pages of unintelligible legal jargon to implement.

I find it interesting that Hitler also needed a similar bloated health care system to implement his take over and I also find it interesting that Hitler also needed a financial crisis in order to make his plan work. This would suggest that all Obama needs in his arsenal is the passage of this obominationcare and to print out a few more bank notes.

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