The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


America has spoken out very clearly, loudly and with great passion about not wanting the so called “public option” of health care and no one in government chooses to take heed.

The thinking and prudent American is with very good reason very worried about the public option giving everyone substandard healthcare and strangling the nation with red tape and bureaucracy. Call it “Barackracy” if you like. But the real reason that the majority of the thinking citizens of this country or “we Americans” fear this legislation is that we do not want to go any further down the road to socialism. This is not the direction that our forefathers had in mind when they gave us this great nation. This whole thing is an Obamanation and because we see the present administration using tactics such as “reconciliation” and “trigger” to ram this down our throats, it is beginning to smell very much like rotten fish.

However, most Americans would indeed agree that the health care system is in need of repair and that greed was instrumental in overtaking the system that is robbing the citizen, but this mess was created by congress in the first place. The present administration would like us to think that it was the greedy doctors and greedy insurance companies that created the high cost of healthcare but it was in fact the government or rather congress that created this mess by choosing to fatten their wallets by doing the bidding of special interest groups via their lobbyists.

Congress created this mess by forming the AMA and the FDA and then letting the foxes run the hen house. How can you propose to the American people that enacting more of the same insane kind of legislation will somehow fix the problems created by congress in the past?

Surely you must know that the actions that are being taken today will result in disaster tomorrow and the America that we love today will no longer exist.

Surely you must know that these actions may very well result in the complete breakdown of the government and unless Americans have completely given up to despair, may very well result in revolt and anarchy. Lord help all those in congress if that happens, where will they hide?

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