The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Letter to Patty Murray and Obamacare

Clueless in Seattle

Patty you and your fellow cohorts in Washington don't seem to have a clue, or maybe you all do and just choose to ignore the masses, for whatever reason, that are banging on your doors in vain to get your attention.

The majority of the folks in America know that public health care will be the death of America and the complete destruction of both our liberty and the constitution. Those that are in support of this bill are still living in never never land waiting for their free candy from the government.

Your primary job is to uphold and to protect the constitution of our country and I am asking you to do just that or pack up your bags and leave office. Should you choose to remain in office, I will suggest that you re-read our constitution and renew your vows to protect it and I also ask that you ask your fellow Senators to do the same.

I am also asking you again to file suite against the presiding president of the United States and start immediate impeachment proceedings for the reasons that he is not upholding his vows to protect our constitution and our cherished freedom. In fact it is evident that he is acting as though he has complete disregard for our constitution and our bill of rights. This man is not suited for the office that he presently holds and is leading this country down a very dangerous road from where we may never be able to ever return.

Do the right thing and please protect our constitution before it is too late and we all have all lost our freedom forever.

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