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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Washington Caucus, Snohomish county precinct 37, Kenmore Community Center 2012

Washington Caucus, Snohomish county precinct 37, Kenmore Community Center 2012

Response to the WA caucus was overwhelming as to the projected expectations and the hall was overfilled to the point that they had to take down the tables along three walls that held 3 precincts each on them in order to get every one in the door. There were concerns about exceeding the capacity due to fire codes and for awhile because it was so crowded I was concerned about how in the world it could even possibly come off.

Perhaps because of the confusion the delegates were elected before the campaign speeches, maybe to ensure that time would not run out or becomes a factor, but the job was done in record time in spite of the fact that it was so chaotic.

In precinct 37, that I was there for, there were 9 precinct members attending and 5 of us were Ron Paul supporters even though a couple of Ron’s supporters couldn’t show up, there were also 3 Mitt Romney and one Rick Santorum supporters.

As it turned out, all of the 3 elected delegates in my precinct are supporters of Ron Paul. Paul Addis, Cathy Addis and myself.

While we were all standing out side in the 3 lines to get vetted so that we could get in, I especially took notice of how many folks were wearing badges, T shirts or pins and at least 25% of those in line were wearing something of that nature and nearly 100% of those were Ron Paul supporters.

So you can imagine how surprised I was when later I saw in the news that Mitt Romney was reportedly the winner with 37% and Ron Paul was only 25%.

That would mean that all of the counted Ron Paul supporters were badge wearers and although I know that many Ron Paul people were there without pins, or badges, their votes must not have counted. Then of course maybe Bothell is a hot bed of Ron Paul folks and King County or elsewhere sways to the tune of Mitt.

If my district was over 50 % Ron Paul folks, 25% of the folks there were wearing Paul badges and yet there were folks there that were Ron Paul supporters without badges, then how in the dickens could Mitt Romney pull off 37% and Ron Paul only 25%? It doesn’t add up.

Unless the system can somehow be further compromised beyond our control, I think that the actual elected delegates will tell a far different story as Ron Paul’s delegates get tallied in the end.

When you begin to realize that the same skewed main stream media that bends over backwards to support Obama and the entire left, liberal progressive movement also panders to some of the GOP candidates and yet works overtime to ignore or demonize candidates like Ron Paul, it really make you wonder what is going on, or at least it should.

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