The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama authorizes himself to declare martial law

Obama authorizes himself to declare martial law; by: Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Sometimes it is not good to be right about a prediction and I had prayed that I was wrong about this one.

Obama, or rather the Internationals, are taking full advantage of the past atrocities and treasonous acts committed against the US by our past and present Congress and various unscrupulous Presidents, including the present.

Over time they have eroded our constitutional system and have placed unconstitutional demands (Unlawful Laws) into play and have now most of what they need to place the US into a complete dictatorship.

Although we can not blame Obama for its implication entirely, he surely has done nothing to stop it and has done much to further it along with his various unconstitutional and perhaps even treasonous acts. In fact he is putting on the finishing touches and needs one more term to complete it.

Anyone who has been keeping track of Obama's agenda, whether reported or not by the media, would have to come to that conclusion period. Most citizens are not aware of what is going on simply because of their misguided trust in the media.

The war with Iran is just a farce and excuse to implement Marshall law and the reason for the Marshall law is two fold; it will probably coincide with the upcoming presidential election and be an excuse to postpone it and once Marshall law is implemented, it could very well and probably will jell into a permanent rule.

That is where the so called Obamacare plan comes into play as it is a draft with a scope large enough to rule the country without the "Laws of the Land" namely the constitution. Yes Pelosi, we have read it, now that it has passed.

Are we about to see Obama's face on buildings and the US flag, Kremlin style?

Obama authorizes himself to declare martial law; by: Jeffrey T. Kuhner

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