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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Most Dangerous Book in the World

The Most Dangerous Book in the World;
“The Federal Register”

The Federal Register is one of the least read and best kept secrets in the US and by far the most insidious book ever devised by government.

The Federal Register is the least known book in America but yet creates the most damage to personal freedom.

The Federal Register is also the largest book in America and would take a truck to haul it around in all of its volumes. Each year the government adds many more volumes to it.

The Federal Register has a definite beginning but it has no end and there is no end to the enormous damage that this book has caused over the years and will continue to cause for Americans for generations to come.

Originally the register was somewhat benign and was used mainly to communicate, things like department rules, between different government agencies. But soon these rules started encompassing the general public and the register became a way to make government rules that would have been far too unpopular to work their way through the lawmaking process.

Today, the present and past administrations as well, are using the federal register to make end runs around the Congress in order to pass unpopular rules that are treated as if they were laws of the land, even though they are very often unconstitutional and deemed both undesirable and unnecessary by the people.

In fact many of the knee jerk rules enacted by various departments have proved to have either the opposite results intended or some other negative result that the general public has to suffer under.

The way that the book works is if a proposed rule or regulation is written and published in the register and goes undiscovered or unchallenged for 30 days it becomes a rule or “Law of the Land”.

In the past 87 working days the federal register added over 25,000 pages of proposed rules and regulations to the piles of volumes already in existence. That is a stark difference from the one volume created in the first year that it was enacted in 1935.

No damn wonder that most folks consider just about everything to be illegal these days.

Now if you’re into book burning……………

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