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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living Constitution?

Living Constitution?

Watching Fox interview Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich this morning about the constitutionality of the so called “Healthcare Act”, he proudly whipped out a copy of the Constitution and said that he carried it with him everyday and then he referred to it as the “Living Constitution”.

Well we all hope that the constitution is not dead yet and we hope that it is indeed alive still, although perhaps not so well these days, but that is not what he meant. The Constitution is too limiting for some folks, who think big government can solve all of your woes and they would have you believe that it is something that can be changed to suite the times, so to speak.

I know just how much of a pain this document is to the progressives and how bad these progressive thinkers would love to trash or at least change and minimize the guaranties of the Constitution, but I would like them to point out to me the living part of it.

Where is the paragraph, located in the Constitution, that Thomas Jefferson wrote, or some other signer wrote, describing just how exactly anyone like the Congress, the Administration, the Justus Dept. or the people, for that matter can change it?

It’s not there; our forefathers would have never taken the chance of that falling into unscrupulous hands.

But then perhaps that part was written with a magic, invisible ink known only to the sacred keepers of the “Progressive Secret Decoder Ring Society”. I wonder how many box tops of “Crunchy Obamiogrits” that I would have to send in with my $5.00 in to get my magic decoder ring?

To conspire against the Constitution would be considered by any prudent man or woman to be nothing short of treason. Why is it then that so many members of Congress, the Administration and the Justus Department are not afraid of the consequences of their criminal actions of ignoring and flaunting their disdain for the supreme law of the land?

If the people, themselves, do not find a way to bring these criminals to task, who will?

Obamunism anyone?

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