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Monday, June 21, 2010

Voting rights under attack

The past several months I have been spouting off about losing our voting rights and that this fall could very well be your very last chance to vote. If we should manage to even get that far. Urgent, things are heating up.

What I have been saying is to get out this fall to vote because it may very well be your last chance to vote and to be sure to vote very wisely for the exact same reason.

There are several reasons for me saying that and I would like to show you one of those reasons that the entrenched thugs are doing at this very moment to prevent themselves from being booted out of office, this fall, by the enlightened and enraged public.

Obama told us months ago that he was going to revamp the election process in order to streamline the system. First he plans to automatically make any one who has any kind of federal record a voting citizen. Second he plans on having his league of thugs out gathering up voters and the same folks (once known as ACORN but now under different alliances) handle the voting and counting processes.

At the present time, Obama and his cronies are siccing the FEC (Federal Election Committee) on the very folks that are trying to clean up the corruption in government.

Is it not so very ironic that the very same organization the (FEC), which was supposedly enacted by congress in 1975 to prevent corruption in elections, would now be used by the corrupted elected officials who are still entrenched in office to destroy those folks that would try to fight the corruption in office?

At the present the Campaign for Liberty Foundation is under heavy attack by the FEC and needs your support. Please visit their web site and sign the petition in support of your freedom to freely vote this fall.

Please remember this: It is not about the Democrats versus the Republicans, it is not about abortion, it is not about race, it is not about what religion you happen to like.

This fall will be all about whether or not the voting public will put aside their petty wants and take the time to sort out the greedy politicians as usual, who promise everything and give nothing but grief in their quest of greed and try to find any candidate who has a little integrity.

Use your vote to fight the corruption in Washington but also Keep Your Powder Dry.


Good point to remember; Just because we might be a little paranoid, doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't out to get us.

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