The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, June 11, 2010

It is time for all good citizens to ask themselves two questions.

It is time for all good citizens to ask themselves two questions.

We know that hordes of American citizens are waking up to the reality of politics as usual and are becoming very concerned if not downright angry about the wholesale corruption in congress and the white house.

Why is it that these same enlightened folks cannot defeat these incumbent politicians, at the poles, that have proven themselves to be self serving greedy parasites unworthy of office and perhaps deserving jail time? A primary example of this is the recent blatant victory of every incumbent politico parasite in the California primary. Lets hope that we can do much better this fall.

The answer; we have allowed them to rig the system whereas our votes have little or no meaning anymore due to such practices as gerrymandering the districts, giving free handouts and voting privileges to emigrants etc.

The second question is much more difficult to come to grips with.

How will we get these parasites out of office so that we can undo the past damages and install new laws that will protect our selves from future parasites and to better protect our constitution from these very same parasites?

As if things were not bad enough as is, we now also have to worry about the new threat of the progressive movement which is now being taking over by the real bad elements that are no longer inclined to wait for the natural progression of socialism to creep into our lives. These guys are openly Marxist communist radical revolutionaries and are advocating any means to overthrow our country and constitution including violence and ethic cleansing. Are these the same folks who support gun legislation or have they just used these misguided idiots to make there goal of destroying America easier?

I guess that make three questions. When will the average American start asking hard questions?

All that I can say is; don’t tell any one that you own guns or where you keep or hide them and keep your powder dry.

And be sure to vote this fall, it may very well be your last time to vote, if you all don't vote, and be sure to vote wisely.

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