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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guns and the war waged against them

Rampage shootings are a tragedy and real concern: However, when it comes to guns and the war waged against them, it is often the truth that is too outrageous to believe.

It is almost totally inconceivable and unconscionable that any one or any organization could or in fact would contrive such an atrocity as to harm children in order to present a false flag event intended for the purpose of duping people into throwing one of their most basic rights and freedoms away.

And it is for this very reason that most of us will not allow ourselves to even momentarily think of that prospect, let alone ponder the possibilities long enough to realize that that is just exactly what would happen in a society where gun ownership was prevalent and accepted as a right and a freedom and where certain anti-American political factions knew that they would fail to prevail as long as the populace retained that very right and freedom. And this is why they may get away with it, because the people will not allow themselves to think that such a diabolical thing could happen in the US of A.

To think that this could happen in America is just too hard to bear for most of us and therefore we dutifully will not think, but we will dutifully respond to the knee jerk reaction of those that would take ill advantage of such a tragedy and ask us to toss away the one very freedom that preserves all of our other freedoms.

The media has done an outstanding job of covering the tragedies of such gut retching atrocities and they spend hours filling our time with tearful interviews of the survivors, parents and experts, however if you want to know the details of what really happened, you need to pry and dig much deeper than what the media offers up.

It has been said that there are no coincidences, or at least there are few at best, and many of us have predicted exactly over the past number of years that this kind of tragedy would become more and more commonplace as we come more and more under attack from our enemies and they more desperate to take away our second amendment rights. Now I ask you, is that just yet another coincidence?

So it is of no surprise to many of us, however despicable, that those who would take away our freedoms would also have no qualms in taking the lives of innocent children in there desperate bid to destroy our American way of life and our freedoms.

The truth of these atrocities may really never come to the full light of day as they are suppressed, smothered, spun and obliterated by the media and those that perpetrated it. However more than a few of these so called rampage shootings have not been so successfully cleaned and have left evidences that demands hard and factual answers to unanswered questions that neither the authorities or the media seem to care to talk about.

For the unconvinced, I suggest that you ask yourself why is it that the least amount of gun crimes happen in countries that insist that every able bodied person own and practice with a firearm and keep it at the ready and why crime runs rampant where guns are illegal.

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