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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Egregious Acts by the IRS

Egregious Acts by the IRS
Is it time to end the IRS before they end us?

On a similar note; factions on the left would have you believe that our problems stem from the fact that the rich go untaxed and that we need to tax the rich so that the rest of us can receive our fair share of the pie.

I have several problems with that:

Number one; that is how the IRS got started in the first place, they were going to tax only the rich to begin with.

Number two; If we took every dime the rich had, the government would burn through it in about 20 minutes and then they would be looking for more and that is where you come in to the picture again.

Number three; It is the rich, the fat cats and the corporations that make the laws today by the use of lobbyist and they are never going to let themselves be taxed and if it did ever came to be somehow, they would simply pact up and go elsewhere.

And finally; Every time a law gets passed, irregardless of how it is labeled, advertised or sold, some fat cat gets another slice of the pie. Congress runs on money and they don't bother with legislation unless it has something in it for them. Congress doesn't sit around and ponder what their constituents want, they cater to the money and/or votes that corporations can get for them.

I get the feeling that either the fat cats and/or the "International Banksters" are complicit with the "Tax The Rich Scheme" or they just simply don't give it much thought at all because they have the power to defy anyway.

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