The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asking ourselves; questions of grave concern

Asking ourselves; questions of grave concern

I often wonder what it would really take for folks to finally become gravely concerned about the future of their country and their freedoms that so many of us seem to take for granted.

I therefore challenge every able thinking individual person who lives in this country to simply try and answer the following questions just for him or her self.

What event or string of events would have to happen to make you become aware that the sitting president and/or the Congress or factions of Congress were possibly committing acts of treason and as a consequence your freedom was in jeopardy?

At what point would you determine that a sitting president or a member of Congress was either over his/her head, functionally incompetent or simply outright criminally intent?

What would be the one deciding factor or string of factors that would tell you that a sitting president or a member of Congress was not in tune with the country and the citizen’s wishes and needed to be removed from office?

What would a sitting president or member of congress have to do before you became concerned enough to call for their impeachment or their arrest in the case of high crimes and/or treason?

Should an event, or string of events, happen that would become of grave concern to a US citizen, at what point in time then should these citizens take action? Should we wait until we hear our neighbors take up the battle cry or should we become activated and try to spread the word to our neighbors and/or try to correct it?

The eight percent or so of the people, in this nation, who would vote for any one that would purposely destroy the constitution and the freedoms of the American people, need to not bother answer these questions. We know what their misguided answer would be.

As for myself, I have long ago witnessed the string of events that have given me great concern about the future of our country and these concerns are for many of the members of Congress and a number of our past presidents, especially the present sitting one, that should have been ousted years ago or perhaps even arrested for criminal activity.

I honestly believe that these are fair and important questions that desperately need to be considered and pondered over, by all of our citizenry before they vote.

We need to remember that united we stand and divided we fall and we need to ask ourselves why is it that our leaders, present and past, are working so hard to divide us?

Our country is divided and while we quarrel over whose fault it is that the ship is sinking, our leaders are quietly scrambling into the life boats as they denounce the obvious.

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