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Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Fix the Education System

How to Fix the Education System

Learning by another name is called fun or play time and is our education's single most wasted opportunity. There is an old saying that "the main difference between adults and children are the price of their toys" and there resides the solution to the problem of education. Turn some kids loose in a junkyard with a few tools and they will wind up building something.

As our society progresses, we rely more and more on education to keep up with the fast pace of technology and the ever widening arena of competition in the marketplace.

There is no argument that we need to keep abreast of the world as far as education is concerned in order to keep our position is the world and to provide ourselves with a good standard of living.

However, there is also no argument that our present education system is lacking and has been broken since the federal government first involved itself in it. Government seeks to control, not educate and it is good testament to the abilities and determination of the people that we have come as far as we have.

There is also no argument that the more money that we raise for education the worse it becomes and this should tell us that raising more money is not the solution and never will be. The system is fundamentally flawed, beyond repair, and it needs to be dismantled in its entirety and something entirely new built in its absence.

According to one study, less than half of the graduates of college can think well enough to work through a problem. What have they learned in all of those years of school?

Most grade schools and high schools waste the most valuable years of a child’s life testing and retesting the student’s memory skills by learning strings of information by rote and giving memory tests. Although this may work to a certain degree for those with good memory capabilities, it does not necessarily foster thinking abilities or education.

Although there are undoubtedly many good teachers out there that could teach in a more efficient and beneficial way, government interference will always find the most expensive, intrusive and least effective methods to achieve these goals.

The most overlooked thing about this dilemma is the children themselves. Children are little sponges that suck up information with incredible ease and what they mostly suck up is the fact that they hate school and would rather be any other place learning something.

Kids love cartoons and Sesame Street; you should be especially careful about what your children watch on TV however, because they do suck things up with great efficiency, just like a sponge that they are, and many cartoons are teaching your children things that will, or should, make you shudder, and should you ever decide to watch some of them, you will. Here again is another great wasted opportunity to put this valuable time to good use.

And yet another great missed opportunity is the use of our best teachers and the video camera. Couple this with the computer and some well thought out computer teaching programs and you can help solve the dilemma of a shortage of qualified teachers. This would allow new teachers to implement good teaching while they are gaining their own teaching skills.

Now you know both the problem and the solution, lets go to work and save the children and our world before it is too late.

One more thought, with government you never get what you pay for, privatize it.

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