The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Letter to Congress

Every day without letup, I get bombarded by the latest news of the numerous and relentless wicked attacks on my freedom by those very same officials, that were elected like yourself, to protect it and I also get the same news about what the incumbents of Washington are perpetrating on the American public for their own personal greedy gain.

It appears that most, if in fact not all, of the stuff, being done in Washington is either designed to keep the incumbents in power or to grow government, increase taxes or destroy our constitution and way of life, not to mention to steal our freedoms.

Just when you think that the incumbents have tried every dirty trick in the book, they find yet another devious method of tearing down our once great system and this systematic and relentless attack has taken a terrible toll on our country, our freedoms, our economy, and our way of life.

The most troubling and despicable aspect of this ongoing debauchery is the plain fact that not hardly any one in office, save for a very few good men, are not, in any way, displaying any signs of anger or even any concern about the wholesale way that congress or the white house is selling out the American citizens.

We are sick of the ongoing slaughter of our freedom and the willful destruction of this once great country and our patience is growing very thin.

When in the hell are you going to put aside your self serving agendas and start thinking about the consequences of your irresponsible actions?

When are you going to take your solemn oath to obey, uphold and to protect the constitution seriously?

When is it going to occur to you that your coveted job and position in life will have no meaning once you have succeeded in destroying your own country?

How will you sleep at night knowing that you did not lift a finger to preserve the freedom for your family, friends or constituents?

How can you pretend that we are not in the biggest fight for the survival of our lives?

How much longer can you go on avoiding the ominous sights and sounds of the march of the communist drums?

How can you not care enough to try and resist the advance of tyranny?

Should the unthinkable ever happen, and it may soon if we fail to change course, I know that freedom loving folks who stand up to tyranny will have to be rounded up, for the good of the country of course, and where will it all end? Will you be safe because of your present political position? How about your friends and loved ones, will they be safe?

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