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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Corporuption of America and The Great Obamacare Barackracy.

The Corporuption of America and The Great Obamacare Barackracy.

Throughout world history there have always been despots, scallywags, thieves and misguided malcontents in government and the US is no exception to the rule.

Most of us are aware of past and present countries that have heirs that take over the thrown who are in many cases not fit to run a shoe shine stand let alone a country but there they are in power influencing the lives of not only their own countrymen but at times the lives of folks from other countries as well.

Our forefathers risked it all and many Americans made the supreme sacrifice to give to us, and in later wars to keep, a country that was not run by tyranny and the whims of a despot.

Our Forefathers gave us a country where all men were free to come and go and to prosper at a chosen trade.

Our Forefathers gave us the opportunity to choose our leaders, on a regular basis, and keep fresh minds in government so as not to be governed by life long bureaucrats who use the system for personal gain.

Our Forefathers gave to us the very best government ever conceived by man. They gave us a country that was governed by its very own citizens.

Our Forefathers also gave us stern warning that there would be despots, scallywags, thieves and misguided malcontents who would try to infiltrate and destroy our government from within.

Sure enough the despots, scallywags, thieves and misguided malcontents have indeed infiltrated our government over the past couple hundred years and have slowly eroded away our freedoms and our livelihoods.

Although this process has been going on for some time now, today it is going on at a frenzy pace and the coupe de grace is very close at hand. WE MAY NEVER SEE ANOTHER PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN AMERICA AGAIN. (Obamason; King of America) At least not one that has more than a one party vote but wait what am I saying, we have a one party vote now “The Progressive Party”. How did we get to this point where we woke up one morning and discovered that America was gone, where the freedom bell rings no more and we all wonder what is coming next.

Michael Moore has made a film depicting the corporate giants as the bad guys raping America and I guess it is hard to argue that the corporations have indeed taken great advantage of the country and the citizens in it. However, capitalism in itself is not the bad guy here, instead it is the corporations that took swift advantage of the weakness of an over bloated, misdirected and corrupted government that are at fault.

The way that our government has come to operate makes it a cakewalk for any corporation to pass legislation that benefits whatever needs it desires. Indeed it is the corporations now who are about to benefit from Obamacare if it succeeds and makes it to the presidents desk. The corporate will get what they want (mandatory insurance for every one) and Obama will get what he wants; SUPREME POWER. It kind of makes more sense now why Obama gave the AIG corporation all those billions.

If you have any doubts about the above paragraph, look at what the insurance companies have done for car insurance.

If you have any doubts about Obama getting his sought after Supreme Power go back in history and discover why Hitler needed to pass health care reform in Germany back in 1930 something.

For a good comparative look at the beginnings of Nazi Germany and the present day America.

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