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  How to avoid divorce and lead a sensational life Is your relationship as electrifying as it was at the beginning? Do you want it to remain that way? Finding the right partner to share ones life with can be a daunting task and should never be taken lightly. We may not always find Mr. or Miss perfect, but we can be thrilled to have that someone special to call our own and make it happen . Once we have found our true love our lives usually take a huge turn for the better and life becomes filled with bliss and hope and plans. The goal is to keep it that way. Yes, I believe that this can all be ours, for the taking, and it can last a lifetime but sadly, without a bit of effort and educating our selves, it seldom does and for good reason. The main problem seems to lie with our failing to remain thrilled after a period of time and the relationship starts to lose its luster and then finally its meaning. The 7 year itch is not just a myth, it is indeed brought upon by the ver

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